Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Which One Shall I Choose for my Wedding Shoes?

Finding the perfect shoes for my wedding has really stressed the day light out of me. There’s a lot of styles to choose from! I get all sorts of suggestions from friends plus browsing through different websites makes it even harder!

I still have a HUGE desire to purchase that wonderful pair of shoes from L'ezu's Wedding Shoes, however, I found another shoe that I also like!

I was surfing the net days ago and I discovered Zappo’s. This elegant white peep toe pump is made by Guiseppe Zanotti and is filled with shimmering stones. Best of all, it has a leather lining and leather sole with 3 3/4 heel!It could even be more perfect if not for the price – this piece of luxury cost $654.00!

I will have to take into consideration our budget for the wedding. Part of me says "I’ll only be using it once and it wouldn’t be reasonable to for me to indulge in such expensive purchase." Maybe I’ll just settle myself for some affordable yet stylist pair that I can flaunt on my big day saving me the worries of how would I be able to pay it.

But the shoelover in me is begging to purchase both of them! Both shoes looks perfect for my wedding gown.Decisions! Decisions! Decisions! Which one would you choose for your wedding?


Everyday Healy said...

Oh! So glad you are celebrating the once in a lifetime occasion. The pair that you saw in my blog is quite cheap.

Anyway, choose the one you like most. That's more important! Let all the good memories stay with us forever. :)

Gail said...

Thanks for leaving on comment on my blog. In case any of your readers want to see the pictured wedding shoes, I include the link. (The bride is a really good friend of my daughter.) Good luck in your search.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your search! It took me a while but I finally found the right ones with the last pair I ordered. And just be careful! Don't blow your budget on shoes your not going to be able to wear again. If your going to spend a lot of money, I think its wise to make sure you can have more than one use. Well, I hope you find the right ones. Happy Hunting!