Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Which One Shall I Choose for my Wedding Shoes?

Finding the perfect shoes for my wedding has really stressed the day light out of me. There’s a lot of styles to choose from! I get all sorts of suggestions from friends plus browsing through different websites makes it even harder!

I still have a HUGE desire to purchase that wonderful pair of shoes from L'ezu's Wedding Shoes, however, I found another shoe that I also like!

I was surfing the net days ago and I discovered Zappo’s. This elegant white peep toe pump is made by Guiseppe Zanotti and is filled with shimmering stones. Best of all, it has a leather lining and leather sole with 3 3/4 heel!It could even be more perfect if not for the price – this piece of luxury cost $654.00!

I will have to take into consideration our budget for the wedding. Part of me says "I’ll only be using it once and it wouldn’t be reasonable to for me to indulge in such expensive purchase." Maybe I’ll just settle myself for some affordable yet stylist pair that I can flaunt on my big day saving me the worries of how would I be able to pay it.

But the shoelover in me is begging to purchase both of them! Both shoes looks perfect for my wedding gown.Decisions! Decisions! Decisions! Which one would you choose for your wedding?

Friday, May 23, 2008

If I could have my wedding shoes made especially for me, what would it be?

As I start planning my wedding, I decided to start looking for blogs that talks about weddings. I stumbled upon the wedding bee's post about L'ezu Atelier Grazia Shoe Giveaway. They are giving away a pair of luxury shoes to one lucky bride. To win, you need to answer the question:"If you could have a shoe specially made for you, what details, colors, style, heel height, etc. would you want on it?"

A part of me is eager to jump right into it and answer the question right away. Free luxury wedding shoes for my wedding, and best of all it's gonna be made especially for me!

If I were to answer that question, I would love to wear a 1.5 inch shoes, open toed, and studded with diamonds. I wanted to wear comfortable shoes yet very elegant. I will be wearing that pair of shoes the whole day and I don't want to deal with leg cramps during my big day.

I browsed through L'ezu's collection of luxury wedding shoes, and I found one pair of shoes that I would love to wear on my wedding day (see the picture). It's medium heel, open toed and studded with diamonds! Comfy yet very elegant.

Which wedding shoe style would you choose?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Why I Became a Wedding Shoe Lover

Since I was small, I remember wearing my mom's shoes especially those with high heels. I loved hearing the heels flip flop in our wooden floor. I even wore her stockings!

I can still hear her complaining about always asking for new shoes. Whenever she would bring me to the mall, I would always head out to the shoes department and try on new pair of shoes. I can still remember how disgusted I was during my freshman year when they announced that high heel shoes are strictly prohibited in the campus.

Oh what a thrill it was when I started working, I got to showoff my shoes in the office with matching outfit! I was even able to fill out a whole closet full of shoes! Whether its open or closed shoes, high heels or not... I am a big shoe freak.

But nothing ever beats my HUGE desire for wedding shoes! When I started to join the entourage of several weddings, my HUGE love for shoes shifted from office shoes to wedding and glamorous shoes! Aside from the fact that I get to wear those elegant wedding gowns. And now that I am planning our church wedding... I would definitely need your suggestions for wedding planning!

This blog is especially created to share tips, ideas and suggestions about wedding shoes. Hope you guys will find this informative and at the same time entertaining. Of course! I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions! Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions about different topics that will be posted here.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Welcome to Wedding Shoes Lover!

Hey Guys!

As the name of this blog implies, I am a wedding shoe fanatic! I decided to start up a blog about weddings and wedding shoes because I have come to realize how hard it is to find that perfect pair of wedding shoes!

I have attended several weddings, the girls and I would usually complain about finding the matching wedding shoes for our wedding dresses! And over the years of being a bridesmaid, I have finally learned some tricks in finding that perfect shoe. Sharing it with everybody is my number one objective. I just wanna share what I've found out with everyone here, and hope you will leave comments, and keep helping me and others (like me!) in our search for the perfect shoe.

Almost 5 years ago, my husband and I decided to get married. It was just a civil wedding, nothing really special, no entourage, no wedding invitations, no wedding cake, no wedding gown and not even wedding shoes!

Now that we're celebrating our 5th year wedding anniversary on December of this year, we decided to start planning our wedding. I have waited 5 long years for this very big day and I could definitely appreciate some of your help! Join me in this journey as we start planning our wedding. Hope you will be with me as I review several wedding details such as the wedding gown, flowers, photographers, reception, wedding planning and of course! that wedding shoes! (Can we start with finding that wedding shoes already?)

This could be really fun!