Friday, September 5, 2008

Where To Find Fantastically Cheap Shoes And Jewelry!

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve believe in one maxim above all others, you can never have too many shoes! Or jewelry for that matter… or bags… Sorry, I headed off into dreamland there for a moment, picturing myself surrounded by gorgeous designer shoes, bags and sparkling jewelry. All of you other women out there will no doubt agree with me on this one, which is why you may want to stop by a great little site I found earlier this year and just had to tell you about. I have two words for you - bargain shoes!

L’ezustore might not be one of the first places you look for cheap shoes normally because it is a designer bridal shoes and jewelry store (and no doubt you’ll love the gorgeous gowns too), but after receiving an email from them telling me that they had a fantastic sale on, I just had to write about it. Having been a satisfied customer of theirs in the past, I thought I'd try to help them out and give back to them for their wonderful service and great shoes they got for me.

I purchased from them back in my search for wedding shoes, I'd gone looking for a pair of shoes and found out about Grazia, at the time they provided many great benefits, not to mention absolutely gorgeous shoes. Well now that they are so cheap and the shoes in my opinion are fantastic for any occasion, I think I'll be getting myself at least one more pair. They’re made by Grazia, which is obviously being featured in plenty of top fashion magazines at the minute, but are most definitely bargain shoes so they look good but don’t cost you the Earth.

The bargain shoes in the sale at L’ezu Store have between 30% and 70% off the price so they’re affordable but are still designer shoes and so are well worth every single penny. There aren’t many left though so if you want to pick up excellent shoes then check out their sale.

There’s also a lot of bargain jewelry at Lezustore. I had a quick look and think I’ll be going back to buy once I get a bit extra cash. The sale is fantastic so have a quick look if you get a chance.