Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Perfect Shoes for Beach Wedding?

My husband and I love the beaches! We even have our house just a few steps away from the beach. Almost everyday, we go to the beach to unwind, talk about certain problems or just enjoy the waters! He suggested why not plan a beach wedding instead of a church wedding....

I was very excited about the idea of a beach wedding! I started looking for different styles of wedding gowns that would fit the location. But then! I was stuck with another problem! Wedding Shoes!

I wouldn't be able to wear those wedding shoes that I dream about! So I started browsing for shoes that would fit the location.

My first choice was this strappy flat silk satin sandal from L'ezu. Outer heel height in a size 8: 0.25 inch.

But then I also found this very unique flip flops that would also be perfect for a beach wedding. This flip flop really `leaves an impression` on fellow beach combers. Imagining every step will announce us as `Just Married`. I can even purchase one for my husband!

The shoe freak in me still desires to wear that classy high heeled shoes with my wedding gown. Tough choice to make: beach wedding or high heeled shoes?!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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